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Direct reservation! 964 480 914

Hoteles Mediterraneo

Family tourism


Children of all ages can fully enjoy the Mini-Club at Hoteles Mediterráneo with activities in the morning with outdoor games at the children playground, aquatic ones on the beach and at the aquatic park, depending on the season, and the mini Club in the evening with handicrafts, games, competitions, etc.

Enjoy your holidays while your children are having a great time carrying out a wide array of outdoors activities guarded by our attentive entertainment team.

At Acualandia Aparthotel, lounge with Play Centre service for the smallest ones.


At Hoteles Mediterráneo fun for the smallest ones does not end when the sun sets, completely the opposite. For the liveliest ones there is a complete program of activities for entertainment to choose during the warm nights of Peñíscola, including the big star: a Mini-Disco.

Outdoor playground

In order for the smallest ones to fully enjoy the summer weather of Peñíscola, Acuazul and Acualandia hotels include an outdoor playground that guarantees entertainment for a while to children of all ages.

Baby accessories

In order for the stay, of both parents and children, to be as comfortable and as pleasant as possible, Hoteles Mediterráneo offers all its clients a wide range of accessories for the smallest ones: cots, baby tubs, bicycle child seats, bottle warmers… and whatever else you may need. Please ask the reception desk for all the accessories you may need.

Babysitting service

Would you like to spend the day at the beach or to calmly go over beautiful Peñíscola with your partner but you have nobody to leave your children with? There is an easy solution, our professional babysitting service gets in charge of everything. You will enjoy and your children will have great fun.

Thematic parties

Some of the funniest moments of the summer holidays are experienced during the thematic parties organised by the animation team of Hoteles Mediterráneo, where parents and children enjoy at the same time. One of the parties that usually never misses every summer is the Disney Party, with Mickey, Minnie and Donald in the lead, although every year we do renew our repertoire in order not to stop surprising you. Without a doubt, one of the activities all the children appreciate the most.



Swimming pool

What would a summer be without a good swimming pool where to have all the dips you wish? At Acuazul y Acualandia hotels we have spectacular swimming pools where children fully enjoy games and other activities organised by our entertainment team. And always properly watched and looked after.

At Acuazul complex you will be able to enjoy its swimming pool with separated and distinguished areas for children and adults. At Acualandia, whereas, you will enjoy the dips at the aquatic park located a few 200 meters away from the Aparthotel.



Aquatic Park

The Aquatic Park is located in the vicinity of the Acualandia Aparthotel & Spa ***Sup., but clients of Acuazul Aparthotel-Hotel  & Spa **** have also got access to it. Full fun is guaranteed both for adults and children. Is there anything better than to combine sun, water and laughters? The Aquatic Park is open from June to September and it is less than 200 meters from the Acualandia Aparthotel. It has 6.000 m² of sport facilities, pools for children and adults, slides and indoor soccer fields and tennis courts. Fun is guaranteed.

Our Mascot

The Hoteles Mediterráneo’s mascot, our little whale, is certainly the most loved by the children. And it is no wonder, as apart from being at all the parties and celebrations we organise, she is the one who is always attentive in order to get the best smiles from the most little ones.

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