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  • Hotels with the best children's entertainment in Peñíscola

    If you have already been to any of our hotels, you will have seen first-hand what we are capable of doing to make your vacation in Peñíscola an unforgettable experience for your children.

  • They will win the hearts of your children from the first moment

    We have the most valued, fun and loved entertainment team in all of Peñíscola. As well as the most complete and surprising program of activities for children of all ages, many of them designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Happy kids, happy parents

We can’t guarantee that you will have amazing weather every day of your holiday here in Peñiscola. We can’t guarantee you’ll find somewhere to put down your towel near the water on the beach either.

But there is one thing we can guarantee without being afraid of being wrong: your kids are going to have a great time with all the surprises we have in store.

Our famous Disney parties

Hoteles Mediterráneo Disney parties are without doubt quite an event at night here in Peñiscola. Not only for kids, but for parents too.

An enjoyable and really varied musical show organised by our amazing entertainment team which will delight the whole family, and where the real stars are Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and of course, our very own Ballenita.

Mini Disco

Here at Hoteles Mediterráneo the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, quite the opposite. For the liveliest of kids we offer a wide activities program to choose from during the warm Peñiscola nights, including the big star: our Mini Disco.

Themed parties and
fancy dress

Every day is a party for everyone in our hotels here in Peñiscola, kids and parents. Themed parties, costume workshops, face-painting… any excuse is a good excuse to spend a while cutting painting and sticking. Imagination rules! You just have to see the results…

“The time machine” show

Another of our legendary shows created by our brilliant entertainment team which, alongside the Disney party and the Pirate party, inspires so much affection and admiration from difficult audiences such as kids.

A fun and lively trip through the history of music that brings together different rhythms, styles and dances. A guarantee you’ll get out of your seat and won’t stop moving.

Shows for the whole family

If you think we only care about your kids having a good time, think again. Our incredibly diverse program of entertainment activities is packed with all types of shows, parties, workshops and performances to enjoy as a family together.

Our fun Pirate party

You can have some of the most enjoyable and entertaining moments of your holidays at one of our themed parties organised by the hotel’s children’s entertainment team , where parents and children participate and have fun together.

One of the shows not to be missed (even though we change our repertoire every year to keep you guessing) is the Pirate Party. You’ll know why when you see the photos.

Trip to
the farm

The weekly trip we organise to a farm near our family hotels in Peñiscola has become both a tradition and one of the best-rated and highly anticipated activities for kids.

Not every day do you have the opportunity to experience first-hand contact with different types of animals. There are other games and surprises too, making it without doubt, a very busy summer’s day.

Halloween Party

Those of you who already know us also know that, just like the rest of our staff of our hotels in Peñiscola, our entertainment team are friendly, happy people. But we’re going to tell you a secret: if they want, they can be very, very scary. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the terrifying parties they’ve managed to put on. Bet you don’t recognise them!

Acualandia waterpark complex

One of the favourites of kids of all ages, it is a great way to spend a hot summer’s day. More than 6,000m2 of facilities: swimming pools (adults and children), slides, waterfalls, sun-bed and umbrella area… real water-soaked fun!

The waterpark (with limited capacity) is open from June to September and both guests of our hotel and their friends have free access.

Childminding service

Feel like spending a day on the beach or taking a walk around beautiful Peñiscola with your partner but don’t have anyone to leave the kids with? We have an easy solution for you, our professional and trustworthy childminding service, who will take care of everything. You have a good time and we’ll look after things so that your little ones don’t miss you, at least for a while.