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  • Discover Peñiscola, a real jewel of the Mediterranean

    The city of Peñiscola, located on the north coast of the province of Castellón, is in a very privileged part of the Mediterranean and stands out because of its unique morphology: A rocky peninsula joined by a neck of sand to the rest of the land, dividing its coast into two very distinct parts.

  • And the exciting story of its emblematic Papa Luna Castle

    The castle was originally a Roman fortress built by the Templars occupying the highest part of the rocky peninsula on which the city of Peñiscola lies. Benedict XIII of Avignon, known as Pope Luna, turned it into the Holy See during a long conflict over its legitimacy.

  • Coves and beaches of Peñiscola: A coastline of contrasts

    Peñiscola stands out as being one of the areas with the most coves and beaches of the Eastern Spanish coastline. Along its beautiful shores you have the opportunity to take a swim at a kilometre-long sandy urban beach or relax in an isolated corner of the Mediterranean coast.

  • Enjoy unrivalled scenery in the Sierra de Irta Natural Park

    The municipality of Peñiscola includes one of the most untouched coastal ranges on the Valencian coast, the Sierra de Irta. Because of its proximity to the sea, its hills descend abruptly forming 12km of coves, overhangs, marine reefs and cliffs with spectacular views.

  • Peñiscola’s local festivities, declared fiestas of international tourist interest of Spain

    The patron saint festivities of Peñiscola in honour of la Virgen de la Ermitana have been declared fiestas of international tourist interest of Spain due to the wide variety and depth of the culture on offer, with a packed program of all types of activities that guarantee fun for both adults and children.

  • A different way of enjoying high quality family tourism

    Thanks to the continuing improvement of the quality and quantity of the activities on offer for families, Peñiscola has become a cultural model for high quality family tourism here in Spain. It’s no surprise that it was the first destination to receive the Stamp of Family Tourism in Spain.



Amazing culture on offer

A range of cultural activities are on offer here in Peñiscola: festivals, concerts, gastronomic events, guided tours, walking routes, festivities, fun activities for the whole family… Come and discover!

Guided tours around Peñiscola

Get to know Peñiscola from inside with its wide variety of guided tours where you’ll discover many surprising things about its culture, history, gastronomy of natural surroundings. You won’t be disappointed!

Peñiscola “in film”

A fantastic tour around the most emblematic parts of the old town of Peñiscola, where films and series were shot. Apart from visiting the most characteristic filming locations, you’ll discover many strange and quirky anecdotes about the shoots.

Peñiscola Classical Theatre Festival

The classical theatre festival is held in the emblematic and solemn courtyard of Peñiscola castle. It stands out due to its ambitious cultural program which just gets better after every edition, with a fabulous lineup of plays and actors.

Peñiscola Opera Festival

Also held in the courtyard of the castle and at the same time as the Classical Theatre Festival, this new event aims to bring the general public closer to the masterpieces of composers such as Verdi, Mozart, Puchini, Gaetano or Donizetti.

International Festival of Ancient and Baroque Music

The festival, specialized in historicist interpretation and where some of the greatest exponents of the genre have participated, is already an international reference for music between the 12th and 17th centuries.

Peñiscola International Jazz Festival

Well known all over Spain as one of the most important Jazz festivals in the country, it is made up of three parts: A program of concerts in the Palau de Congressos (with international and local artists), Jazz a la Serena (with free access performances) and activities to try to bring Jazz closer to younger listeners.

Classical Music Concert Program

Peñiscola’s series of classical concerts is an unmissable event for classical music lovers. Every edition attracts some of the best soloists and groups to perform in the Gothic Hall of the castle.

Peñiscola Maritime Museum

Located in the old quarter, the museum pays homage to the maritime traditions of the community. With creative, dynamic and interactive exhibitions about fishing and sailing in old-time Peñiscola, it tries to protect, conserve and raise awareness of its heritage and popular culture.

Peñíscola On the Stage

Peñiscola welcomes a new music festival which is growing in popularity, with a lineup of amazing artists coming from the pop, rock, flamenco and electronic music scenes. All held in an unbeatable venue, right on Peñiscola’s beach front.

Peñiscola Holy Week

Holy week, with its processions, the solemn beating of its drums and its brotherhoods, turns the streets of Peñiscola’s old quarter into a hive of respect and devotion. From Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday.

Peñiscola Carnival

One of Peñiscola’s biggest events. Over the weekend there are parades, music, fancy dress and masked dances, culminating in a hot chocolate party and the burying of the sardine.

Lluch Brothers Horse Drawn Carriage Museum

After years collecting the intricate and classical carriages, this museum, created and launched by the Lluch family, shows us a wide variety of wooden carriages from different epochs, ages and uses.



Tiziano Art Gallery

An old house in the old quarter which has been totally transformed into a proper art gallery. It contains works principally bu the painter Alfonso Manuel, but you can find works from other great artists and sculptors.

Cinema on Peñiscola Beach

During the summer months Peñiscola also offers a packed program of cinema on the South Beach, right on the sand. The screenings are completely free and appeal to the tastes of both the young and the old.

San Juan Night

The magical night of San Juan, the shortest of the year, brings with it a series of events in Peñiscola such as a nighttime drum show, a parade combining rhythm, dance and pyro tricks, a Habaneras concert, bonfires and the cherry on top, a fireworks display on the beach.

Peñiscola gastronomic events

Over a series of days traditional cooking events are held where you can try set menus based on home seafood recipes and local produce, with particular emphasis on fish, shellfish and produce from the vegetable gardens around Peñiscola.

Dramatised nighttime visits to Peñiscola Castle

Every year the castle of Peñiscola is the scene of a range of more than 50 different activities. In highest demand among tourists are the dramatised visits, especially the spectacular nighttime ones.

Peñiscola Patronal Festivities

Celebrated in honour of the patron saint, la Virgen de la Ermitana, the festivities have been declared Fiestas of National Tourist Interest of Spain. The 8th and 9th of September are the main days, with the famous “danzas”, bringing together music, dance, rituals and fun activities. They end with the traditional parades of Moors and Christians.


Peñiscola really is a paradise for family holidays. An ideal romantic getaway or a family holiday with kids of any age, it offers the most enjoyable and cultural experience on the Mediterranean coast, with some unbeatable natural surroundings.

One of the most beautiful
towns in Spain

Peñiscola belongs to a select group of municipalities that make up the Association of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain. This is no coincidence. A beautiful coastal medieval city, watched over by a perfectly preserved castle surrounded by snaking streets and a multitude of surprises for the visitor. Let us help you discover it!

What else to see and do in Peñíscola
Peñiscola Beach

Enjoy some of the best of Spain’s East Coast beaches: Playa del Norte, Playa del Russo, Playa del Pebret, Playa d´Irta, Playa Basseta, Playa Santa Lucía, Playa Sur orr Playa de las Viudas.

Hill walking along
the Sierra de Irta

There are many routes and paths along which to discover this natural wonder, where Mediterranean flora and fauna can be seen in all their splendour.

Peñiscola Coves

Get lost in the many idyllic coves which litter the coast of Peñiscola: Cala del Moro, Cala de L´Aljub, Cala Puerto Azul, Cala Ordi, Cala Badum, Cala del molo.

Peñiscola Castle

If you spend a few days in Peñiscola a visit to the emblematic castle is a must. Discover the wide range of activities the are held in its facilities throughout the year.

The Castle Gardens

The artillery Gardens part of the castle now serves as a Botanical Gardens where visitors can enjoy local plantlike, tranquility and amazing views,

Children’s play areas

In Peñiscola you’ll find a variety of areas where the little ones can let go and burn some energy such as play parks and sporting areas.

Summer School

During the months of July and August you can sign your kids up to the Summer School, great fun for kids of all ages and with a wide variety of games and entertainment activities.

Aerobic & Zumba
on the beach

A wide range of sporting competitions and events are organised on the beach every year. One of the most eagerly anticipated and popular are aerobics and Zumba.

Peñiscola old quarter

You don’t know Peñiscola if you’ve never ventured down the narrow streets and its beautiful old quarter, perfectly preserved in all its splendour.

“El bufador de Peñiscola”

This curious naturally formed blowhole stands out for its natural beauty, where seawater enters and a characteristic howl can be heard.

The Shell House

This beautiful building with its iconic facade filled with shells can’t be missed on a walk around the old town. What’s more, the story behind its construction is very special.

Trip to Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes Natural Reserve is a Mediterranean archipelago located about 50km off the coast well known for the biological and ecological diversity of its surroundings.

Papagayo Garden

A unique zoological park, where parrots become ambassadors for the biodiversity of our planet and who come into contact with visitors. Fun for all the family

Acualandia Waterpark

More than 6000m2 of pure water-soaked enjoyment, with slides, pools, tunnels and many more surprises. Fun for all the family

Peñiscola Lighthouse

Widely considered to be one of the prettiest lighthouses in Spain, this 11m tall, white, octagonal tower next to a two-story building in one of the most privileged spots of Peñiscola.

Peñiscola fishing port

Experience maritime culture first-hand, get to know its trades and discover the fish market, filled with history and tradition. Come and see a live fish auction!

Medieval Markets

Artisans, performances, falconry, puppet shows, magical creatures, musicians and comedians will transport visitors to Peñiscola’s old quarter to medieval times.

Badum Craft Beer

Badum is a local, natural and unique craft beer, made in Peñiscola. Guided tours are organised to visit the factory and get to know its production process.

Medieval gates and walls

The fortress of Peñiscola is made up of the castle and its walls. The walled part contains three gates: Sant Pere or Papa Luna, Portal Fosc or Felipe II and the gate of Santa Maria, from the 18th century.

Magic Museum by Yunke

Prepare to be astonished by the world of magic at the Magic Museum by Yunke. Discover magic artefacts and find out the best kept secrets and mysteries of the illustrious magician Robert-Houdin.

Trips by Segway

Discover the most unknown corners of Peñiscola and the Natural Park Sierra de Irta from a fun and unique point of view: a trip on a Segway.

Paintball Peñiscola

If you’d like to try something different with friends or family in Peñiscola, look no further than a game of paintball; guaranteed fun.

Watersports in Peñiscola

If you’re a fan of watersports then you’re in luck. The beaches of Peñiscola are an ideal place to enjoy sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing or paddle surfing.

Boat trips

From the fisherman’s post you can sign up for different boat trips (approximately 1 hour in length, every day and at every hour, and discover Peñiscola and its surroundings from the sea.

Horse rides around Peñiscola

Another way to discover Peñiscola is by taking a trip by horse and cart. There are various programmed routes both around the city and the natural surroundings of Peñiscola.

Skybus & Fly-fish

For those adrenaline junkies out there, every summer you can take a high velocity trip at sea on the Skybus or Fly-Fish. Up for it?


Nautical Adventure

For those of you who want an even bigger dose of excitement, a unique experience: a trip along the coast on a high speed jet boat where you’ll enjoy 360 degree turns and a few slams on the brakes.

Tourist fishing in Peñiscola

Peñiscola port offers numerous tourist fishing, sailing tourism and nautical learning experiences. Are you prepared to dive deeper into the world of the sea?

Petting Zoo

Nucli Zoológic Mas d´en Joan is a petting zoo where kids of all ages have a great time doing a range of outdoor activities with animals.

Trips to the castles

Around the Sierra de Irta you can find two castles, old Islamic fortresses which are worth a visit: The castle of Xivert, the oldest and best preserved, and the Castle of Pulpis.

Peñiscola City Tour

Peñiscola City Tour is the official tourist train of the city, which allows you to get on and off as many times as you want so that you can discover Peñiscola at your own pace. There are four routes available.

Nighttime in Peñiscola

Peñiscola offers a wide variety of evening entertainment, from night clubs open until the early hours to pubs where you can relax and have a cocktail.

Santa María Church

Located in the centre of the old quarter of Peñiscola, this Catholic temple was built in the gothic style but was extended in the barque style and preserves extraordinary historic-artistic merit.

Ermitorio Mare de Déu d´Ermitana

The hermitage to the Virgen de la Ermitana, whose festival is celebrated on September 8 with typical dances, is located at the top of the rock next to the castle, and houses the image of the patron saint of the city.

El Fortín del Bonet

The chapel of laVirgen de la Ermitana, whose festivities are held on the 8th of September with traditional dance, is located on the top of a hill next to the castle and is hoe to the image of the city’s patron saint.

Monument to Pope Luna

The 2 metre tall and 700kg heavy statue of Benedict XIII was built in bronze by the artist Sergio Blanco and since 2007 can be found in the courtyard of Peñiscola Castle.

An amazing climate
all year round

One of the most attractive aspects about Peñiscola has to be its unbeatable Mediterranean climate, where you can enjoy plenty of sun and pleasant temperatures all year round.

Thanks to the natural barrier caused by neighbouring Els Ports mountain range, winter in Peñiscola tends to be very mild and with little rain. Summer is hot, but thanks to the sea breeze temperatures rarely go above 35º , which can sometimes feel suffocating for both children and adults.

All of this makes it an ideal place to enjoy many types of outdoor aquatic activities.

A paradise specialising in high
quality family tourism

Peñiscola was the first coastal municipality in Spain to receive the Stamp of Family Tourism (2013). What’s more, since its creation in 2015 it also belongs to the brand Tour and Kids, a holiday club created by the Valencian community which has awarded Peñiscola with recognition as an innovative and creative family tourist destination.

A unique and
incomparable location

Peñiscola has always been the crossroads of all the great Mediterranean civilisations: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs. They not only understood its advantageous and privileged location which made it an impenetrable fortress, but also its suitability as a habitat, both because of its pleasant climate and its abundance of fresh water that flow from the rocks it sits upon. We now invite you to come and see first-hand what Peñiscola has to offer.

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